Winter wonderland at Mugdock

After a play in the garden and the back lane, followed by a nice Sunday lunch, we headed up to Mugdock for a good long afternoon’s walk. There was a fair amount of snow about, but not as much as we expected, especially compared to heavy snowfall in other parts of the country. The loch was completely frozen over, with a nice, uninterrupted covering of snow on top. What a contrast to last week’s atmospheric frosty and misty weather, as the shot of the crannoch taken on both walks clearly shows.

Lola was running around through the grasses and chasing other dogs as well as being chased by other dogs. She really loves the snow and was in her element. Surprisingly, she seemed to appreciate her coat and, even though it was a fair bit too large, she was not restricted in her movements and ran ragged as usual.

On reaching the castle we headed out further across the crest of the hill before dropping down to the ruins of Craigend Castle. Towards the end of the hill, there are ruins of World War II anti-aircraft gun batteries. Not the prettiest ruins in the world, to the contrary, but with the brooding snow sky behind it, they made for a nice atmospheric shot.

Overall, it was a pretty dark and grim afternoon, and the light was extremely poor for photography. Still managed to get a few decent shots though.

And that was the first time ever we have been up to Mugdock with our Lola, when a shower afterwards to wash of black mud was not needed.