A dog’s Christmas

You may wonder if Christmas is any different for Lola than an ordinary Sunday, or in other words, is it possible to spoil Lola even more than normal? Indeed, she was spoiled rotten, ripping her own presents open, ripping through the leftover wrappings of our presents, playing with deafening squeeky toys before lunch and getting lots of treats.

The wrapped presents were much more successful than the two soft squeeky toys. The Christmas sock and Santa lasted minutes before the stuffing was being pulled out. Someone suggested that whippets would make excellent dog toy testers. I completely disagree, as no single toy would pass quality control any more. One tiny fault with the stitching and it is ripped open before you can blink with the stuffing scattered all over the house.

All in all, a great morning with a lot of fun. And we got some nice presents ourselves as well.