Waehae, it’s snowing

When we got up this morning, it was to a very big disappointment. Even with all the warnings and predictions, still no snow in Glasgow, when the rest of the country is covered by inches. Life’s not fair! A short ‘do your business first thing’ wander through the back lane and then quickly back to our warm and cosy beds (with Lola’s cosier and warmer than ours!) for another hour of well deserved sleep. A much needed extra hour after a little bit too much red wine last night.

An hour or so later, we got up to go to Churchill’s to get the Sunday papers. When we opened the front door, surprise, surprise, an inch or two of snow had fallen since our first outing. Lola loved it and went into a bouncy, snow snorting, playing mood. Fun with snow all the way to the newsagents and back. As usual, Lola’s good nose sniffed out the treats along the way. Lola reappeared from a hole in hedge with a complete smoked sausage in her mouth.
After reading the papers in bed with a cup of tea, it was time for a play out the back. As you can see from the images, Lola’s a happy bunny in the snow.