Glasgow Mela

A Saturday afternoon of culture, noise and colours at the Glasgow Mela in Kelvingrove Park. The highlight of the afternoon were the Dahl Foundation Drummers. They are simply fantastic.

Ancient Sri Lankan door

A wonderfully preserved ancient Sri Lankan door.

A wander around The Lighthouse

A lunchtime wander exploring the walkway on The Lighthouse in Glasgow with some of my work colleagues.

Clyde tiger

The Clyde Tiger is a very impressive mural to promote the Chines Year of the Tiger. It was created by The McFaul Studio and forms part of the Tiger Beer’s “Tiger Lucky Eight” promotion. The mural can be found along the Clyde Walkway on the North side of the Clyde just East of the King George V Bridge, and can be spotted from any train crossing the Clyde on their approach to Central Station.

Although I had walked along Clyde Street a few times in the preceding weeks, I would not have spotted this mural if it wasn’t for a tweet from a fellow photographer. So after checking it out on Thursday with a test shot, I headed back at lunchtime on Friday with my tilt and shift lens and tripod. The main image is constructed from two images, one shifted left and one shifted right, using my tilt and shift lens, then stitched into the letterbox format measuring a massive 30 million pixels.

I will add a page to my Insight pages soon with the detailed steps I went through on site and in post processing to get this great image.

Convert virtual reality of the Clyde tiger to html and insert

This virtual reality hopefully gives you a good appreciation of the location of the mural and it’s size. Below are a few more images, noting that the second one was taken with a fish eye lens, and the last one similar to the first one, but with some titl to attempt to blur the foreground and background. Unfortunately, I didn’t get it quite right, as it hasn’t worked out the way I wanted it to be, so I’ll have to get back there next week to try again.