Down the Hidden Lane

We took a drive into Glasgow to Finnieston on Saturday afternoon to find the clock maker in the Hidden Lane to repair one of our clocks.

We had a lovely wander round the shops in the Hidden Lane and on Argyle Street in Finnieston. We topped off a nice relaxing afternoon with a visit to the Joe’s Hidden Lane Gallery.

Unfortunately, the clock maker had moved away around 5 years ago.

A wander to the Broomielaw

A lunchtime wander exploring the Broomielaw with some of my work colleagues.

A wander around Govan Church

A lunchtime wander exploring Govan Church and graveyard with some of my work colleagues.

A wander to the Barrowlands

A lunchtime wander exploring the Gallowgate and the Barrowlands with some of my work colleagues.

A wander to the Brigait

A lunchtime wander exploring the Brigaite and old Glasgow with some of my work colleagues.

A wander to Glasgow Cross

A lunchtime wander exploring Glasgow Cross and the High Street with some of my work colleagues.

Ayr and Greenan Castle

On Sunday afternoon we headed to Ayr for a wander through it’s old town, along the promenade and beech, hopefully ending up with some time to chill on the beach in the end. Although it was fairly windy, it was sunny and warm, so we had a very pleasant stroll along the promenade, to the old dry dock and back through the old town.

In the old dry dock, we stumbled upon an old fishing boat called the Watchful, an iconic symbol of the glory days of Clyde coastal fishing. The vessel was restored to it’s original state with the help of West Coast Marine and ‘volunteers’ from the Community Service Rehabilitation Programme.

During our wander through the old town of Ayr, we came across some wonderful old houses and St. John’s Tower, the towering remnants of a once proud church that stuck it’s feet in the ground in the 13th Century. In fact, St John’s Tower is the oldest surviving building in the Town of Ayr and was restored in 1914 to it’s full glory by Lord Bute.

Eventually we ended up on the beech close to the where the River Doon enters the sea. A wonderful position with views across the beachfrom South to North, from Greenan Castle and the Heads of Ayr to Arran. While Lynn stuck her head in the newspapers, Lola and I ventured onto the flats for some photography. I haven’t had much chance recently, but a wonderful opportunity calling for use of my tilt and shift lens and polarising/graduated filters.

A wander around the GoMA

A lunchtime wander exploring the GoMA with some of my work colleagues.

A wander to the Albert Bridge

A lunchtime wander exploring the Albert Bridge and the Clydeside with some of my work colleagues.

Fire at Notre Dame

Bloody vuvuzelas! Due to their deafening noise, we didn’t hear the fire engines of at least three fire brigades going past. It was only when I took Lola out for her walk after the game had finished that I noticed all the commotion outside. Lots of people flocking towards Queens Terrace to see the old Notre Dame school and chapel ablaze.

I rushed home to get my camera (and Lynn) and went back along Victoria Circus. We joined a small crowd congregating at the end of a pathway up towards the school to the West side of the fire with a clear view onto the side of the Chapel and the South-North spur of the red sandstone building. A great vantage point from which most of these images were taken. What a disaster, another Glasgow landmark under development mysterously going up in flames.

A bit later, I walked round further, but the view from Queens Terrace was poor due to the cordened of road with the building and the fire obscured by trees. A couple of shots though before deciding to go back to the much better vantage point.

The fire, sparks, steam clouds, water beams and lights provided opportunities for some wonderful shots. Quite a few images that all have there own strengths. Although some appear to be similar, look at them thoroughly, as there are significant and interesting differences in their detail, like a spark cloud in the sky or behind the lit windows.

A wander along Buchanan Street

A lunchtime wander along Buchanan Street with some of my work colleagues.

A wander along the River Clyde

A lunchtime wander exploring the South bank of the River Clyde with some of my work colleagues.