Derelict Jerdune

After seeing these scatterred, abandoned Gomeran crofts along the ridge from Jerdune overlooking Barranco de Chinguarime a few years back, a wander to explore these crofts has always been on the list of to-do’s on la Gomera. The exceptional setting with stunning views combined with the ability to explore the derelict crofts made for a fantastic lazy afternoon’s wander this time.

In some ways, La Gomera reminds me of Highlands. In one way it’s sad to see the abandoned communities of derelict crofts scattered everywhere around the land, but in other ways these make for interesting wanders with fantastic photographic opportunities. While eating some fruit in the shadow of one of the roofless crofts, admiring the stunning view, we were actually wondering wheher we should maybe buy one and do it up. The heart screems yes very loudly, but the mind says no due to the remoteness and impracticalities.

Here is a set of monochrome images of the abondened, derelelict crofts with some interesting relics left behind by the owners. I have only dabbled with monochrome once in a blue moon, so any feedback on these images, especially on how to improve them very much appreciated.

In the next week, I aim to add another blog entry from this afternoon’s wander with a set of colour images that should give you a much better appreciation of how specteculer this place is.