A Gomeran Vista of Roques, Barrancos and Cumbres

Roques (volcanic rock spouts), barrancos (deep glens) and cumbres (long pinacled ridges) define the spectecular landscape of La Gomera. The barrancos and cumbres radiate to all sides from the centre of the island, Alto de Garajonay (1,487m), and the cumbres finally plunge steeply into the ocean. The nature of the barrancos vary enormously, ranging from lush and cultivated to covered in dense cloud forests to barren and sunburned.
The panorama above is a typical vista of this mountainous landscape surrounding La Laja. This panorama and the more detailed images below were taken from the old road beside the first tunnel of the new road from San Sebastian in the East to Hermigua in the North.

The three roques that are visible are Roque de Agondo, Roque de Carmona and Roque de Ojila. Together with Roque de la Zarcita that lies just behind Roque de Ojila when viewed from this position, these four roques are know on La Gomera as Los Roques. Roque de Agondo is the most impressive one, especially when viewed from the road that meanders between Los Roques. I will dedicate a future blog entry solely to images of Roque de Agondo.