Going underground

Daddy, daddy, get me out of here
Ha ha, I’m underground
Sister, sister, please take me down
Ah ha I’m underground
Daddy, daddy, get me out

Thanks to Euan for keeping his ear to the ground and sniffing out a wonderful photographic opportunity. A little bridie (or was it a mole) told him that the metal doors to the derelict Kelvinbridge Railway Station and Tunnel Entrance are unlocked. So we ended up taking the Underground to Kelvinbridge at lunchtime to go underground.

Indeed, the doors were unlocked. We passed fairly quickly through the first rubbish filled section and entered the Kelvinbridge Railway Tunnel for some serious exploration. An amazing place. We walked for quite a bit, losing sight of the tunnel entrance behind us, but seeing light in front of us, likely from the air vents at the derelict Botanics Station.

On our return, we looked at the first section more closely. How did we miss that. It was a gem of a derelict railway station. Heaps of rubbish and rotten tyres, but plenty of rusty metal grils, stairs and remainders of platforms. Pity we ran out of time, but we’ll be back.