Beech intimates

What else to do than to head for the beach on August Bank Holiday. But not just any beach, probably one of the best beaches in Scotland! As we were staying at the Kames Hotel for the weekend to check out the cottage again we had made on offer on, we decided to check out the area and head for the beach at Kilbride Bay.

We parked at the layby on the road close to Kilbride Church and walked the track to the beach. The walk itself was worth already worth it, with wondeful views over fields, marshes and fields littered with abondened crofts, and butterflies fluttering in abundance. An absolute wonderul area, but on clearing the dunes and reaching the beach, our jaws literally dropped. A absolutely stunning, pure fine white sand beach in a magnificent bay with a view direcly to Arran opened up in front of us.

It was surprisingly busy, with lots of people on the beach who had walked down from the layby or came ashore with dingies from their sailing boats. So to busy for some panormas, but lots of opportunities for intimate landscapes and Lola enjoying the waves and splashing us.

All going well, we’ll have plenty of opportunities to visit this beach all your round. Can’t wait.