Classic Cameras: Ensign Midget

This is the first post in a new series to show you some of the cameras I have in my antique and classic camera collection, starting with one of my smallest cameras, the Ensign Midget.

The Ensign Midget is truly a pocketable camera and is still smaller than most of the modern small digital compacts. The Midget was launched in the mid 1930’s with the wonderful slogan “Wear it always… like your watch” and was manufactured until 1941 when the involvement with the war forced Ensign to stop manufacturing most of it’s cameras. You can read up on the full history and the different models on the Ensign historical site: Ensign Midget.

What makes this a treasured little gem in my collection, is that in addition to the miniature camera, I also have the original leather cover, box, manual, leaflets and even two rolls of film in their original box.