A derelict finca

One of our favourite short walks on La Gomera starts at Montana de Destene, just down from Dolgelada de Parazza on the GM-3 to Playa Santiago. In the bend, shortly before Jerdune, you can drive onto the rough old road and park where the old road swings back on itself and the walking route down to Playa Santiago and El Cabrito start. The first stretch of this well marked long distance route round Roque de Berruga to Alto de Tacalcuse makes for an extremely rewarding, easy morning or afternoon walk.

The path meanders along the ridge and round Roque de Berruga with superb views to all sides, from the impressive Heights of La Montañeta to the West, the majestic Barranco de Chinguarime and towering Alto de Tacalcuse to the South and Roque de Magro and Roque de Sombrero on the other side of Barranco Juan de la Guancua to the East as you can see in my post Colourful Jerdune from 2010.

What makes this walk even more special for us are the tranquility of the location and the derelict finca’s that are scattered along the ridge and down the steep South Westerly slope of Roque de Berruga. Exploring these finca’s is a must, especially those a bit away from the beaten track of the long distance walking route. On our previous visit a few years earlier, this finca had a locked door and an intact roof. Now the door is blown of it’s hinges, and the roof has partly caved in.