Sunset over El Hiero from Puntilla

One of the highlights of our stay in La Gomera over Christmas and New Year were, without a doubt, the spectacular sunsets over El Hiero. Nothing is more relaxing than to sit on the balcony of our apartment in Puntilla with a glass of vino tinto and watch the sun slowly disappear before going out for dinner.

This post shows the sunset on Xmas day, starting with a bright amber sky over El Hiero at 18:19 with the sun just about gone, followed by the clouds slowly turning bright red, starting with the clouds overhead within 10 minutes and slowly moving to the clouds on the horizon another 5 minutes later.

As soon as the sun has disappeared, the crowds watching the sunset from the shore below start to head home, not knowing that they are about to miss the best part of the day’s sunset. Had they had the patience to wait another 20 minutes, they would have witnessed the strong orange glow on the horizon ending the day’s sunset in an absolute fantastic finale.

Time to finish the glass of vino tinto and head down to Christie’s for our Christmas dinner.

At 18:19

At 18:29

At 18:35

At 19:00