Mist over Loch Ascog

We got the keys to our cottage and headed up with a rented van loaded to the hilt. As the last part of the track, actually more a field, was completely saturated with water and soggy, we decided to leave the van at the bridge. While ferrying the content of the van to the cottage with the help of a wheel barrow during the afternoon, mist started to form across the Loch.

I can kick myself for waiting too long before getting the camera out, as I missed the low sun light filtering through the mist across the loch. When I eventully ended up carrying my camera while walking back and forward, I still got some wonderful shots of the dense mist after the sun disappeared behind rigde, and a later when the mist had partly cleared again with the red sky reflecting in the still water of the loch.

With such a wonderful view on our first day in our cottage, we are very much ooking forward to our time here with (hopefully) loads of fantastic photographic opportunities.