Gold finches in the snow

It started with a small thistle seed feeder in the garden and a pair of very shy gold finches, occasionally visiting the feeder. Then there were seven regularly and now there are twelve daily stuffing their faces. They frequent the two thistle seed feeders and the three sunflower heart feeders we now have in our garden. Surprisingly, they seem to prefer the sun flower hearts over the thistle seeds. Maybe I should write to Colins to get them to update their bird guide.

Beside our kitchen window is a tree with two sunflower heart feeders. The tree provides shelter to the visiting gold finches, chaffinches, blue tits, coal tits, great tits and green finches. At certain times of the day, the tree is heaving with birds while at other times there is no bird to be seen. These shots were taken from our kitchen window on a snowy Sunday morning.

The main image is now my most successful image on flickr: Gold Finch in Flight. OK, not in terms of number of views as one of the Notre Dame School fire images tops this league by far, but certainly in terms of comments and awards.