Extending the harbour

These images show the work being carried out on extending the pier/quay in the harbour of San Sebastian de La Gomera during the first two days of our stay. The hazyness of the images is down to the presence of El Calima on both days, of which you can read more in the blog entry entitled El Calima.

Our guess is that the pier/quay is being extended to enabled more and/or larger cruise boats to moor in the harbour and let their hordes of tourist flock into the town to spend their money. In fact, during our last visit, a very large cruise boat had to moor outside the harbour and ferry passengers to the shore in small boats. Even before the last tourist was sailed to shore, other tourist were already being ferried back to the ship again. A very time consuming and tourist unfriendly process.

On the first day, a tug towed a new concrete block, probably from Tenerife but maybe even from further afield, to the harbour of San Sebastian de La Gomera, a very slow and very time consuming journey. Another concrete block that was moored in the harbour was moved by two boats from its position to close to the end of the pier/quay to make way for the new concrete block.

On the second day, the tug and the ‘power’ boat moved the prepared concrete block in place at the end of the pier/quay after which it was held in position and sunk. This positioning and sinking of the concrete block took the best part of the day.

So now there are two new blocks in place at the end of the pier/quay, with a third one being prepared before added at the end. The question is how many more blocks, or how far, will they be extending the pier/quay.

As you can see from the image on the right, even the locals are very curious as to what is happening.