The Sailings

On the way back from Arrochar/Tarbet, we left the dual carriage way for a detour through Bowling and Old kilpatrick. Bowling is a place you just want to drive through, but Old Kilpatrick appears to be a nice little village.

We went for a walk along the Forth/Clyde Canal and stumbled on this little nature reserve called The Sailings. A bit of land between the canal and the Clyde in the shadow of the Erskine Bridge. It’s amazing how high this bridge actually is when you stand underneath it.

The walk along the shore of the Clyde, through grasses, across a wooden walkway and along the canal, was a welcome wander. We even spotted two deer from the wooden walkway, but unfortunately they were too obscured for some decent shots.

A place to come back for a wander, although the big drawback is the continuous noise from the dual carriage way along the hill and on the bridge. It’s a bit like the noise of wind in the top of the trees above you, but then car noise.