Het vennetje

These images were taken on a crisp, sunny winter’s morning a few years ago when I was staying at my parents in the Netherlands. An ideal morning to step out of the door and walk onto the heather for reflection and appreciating nature.

This small nature reserve, ‘De Renderklippen’, lies on the ‘Noord Oost Veluwe’ and is a typical combination of heather and forest that is the trademark of this area of the country. Not only is this an area of natural beauty, it is also home to a large variety of wildlife including deer and wild boar.

On the few occasions that I go back home, I try take take time to appreciate the beauty of the place that I grew up in. Hopefully these images give an impression of the walk to ‘het vennetje’, literally meaning ‘the little fen’. The combination of patches of ice on the water with a clear blue sky overhead made and no wind provided me with a great photographic opportunities.