On Saturday afternoon Lola and I dropped Lynn off in town, giving us a couple of hours before we had to pick her up again. As it was a glorious crisp day with blue skies we headed up to Mugdock for a wander around the Loch, castle, woods and moors. Some images from the castle, including a virtual reality taken in the walled garden, will be the subject of my next blog.

Our lazy afternoon’s wander took us along the loch to the castle and back more or less the same way, spending most of the time to wander of the path, exploring the loch side and the castle gardens. The loch was covered in ice with a topping of recent snow. A pity, as the blue skies and the absence of any wind would have given wonderful reflections otherwise. On the way back to the car park, we wandered of the main path and explored a little peaty stream.

The reflections in the stream were absolutely magnificent with a wealth of opportunities for good images. Unfortunately, time was running out, as we could not leave Lynn waiting. So no time to get the tripod out to take advantage of this beautiful spot, so I only managed to take the images below handheld. As you can see, the black peaty water, some spots of patterend ice, reflections of trees and blue sky, and stones piercing through the surface would have provided many opportunities for intimate landscapes.

As the weather forecast for Sunday was the same, would could always come back and spend more time on this spot. We did come back the next day at about the same time, but there were no reflections, probably due to a hazier sky, raised water levels and slightly faster moving water. A spot to remember for a future visit when the conditions are right.