Away with the crane

The big crane spoiling this spectecular sunset over San Sebastian de La Gomera has been an eyesore for years and can be seen in, unfortunately, too many of my images of the town, including the virtual reality taken from the terrace at Casa Cathaysa. Looking at the image below, you may think that the crane is not that bad, but trust me, on a large screen or on an enlargement print, it is very obtrusive.

This image is created from eight seperate 21mp images, that I stitched together into a panorama using Photoshop. The panorama measures a massive 11,200 by 5,300 pixels and would have required a ‘not yet existing’ 100mp digital camera to be taken in one single image, taking into account the need to crop the normal image format to a letterbox format. Without compromising the quality of the print, by printing at 300dpi, it can be enlarged up to 95 x 45 cm (or 37.3″ x 17.6″). Therefore, this image is a prime candidate for an enlargement print if it was not for that bloody crane.

So this image needs a little bit of Photoshop magic to get rid of that crane.

The two images above show a detailed closeup of the houses on the hillside with the crane partly obscuring them, and after removing the crane using the clone stamp tool in Photoshop. Due to the detail in the houses on the hillside, removing the crane was a slow and laborious task that took some time. But, as you can see from the detail above and the final image below, it was well worth it.