The Grand Master’s palace

Weathered wood at the boatyard

A visit to the Harani boatyard is a must when we stay on Symi.

The boatyard is more ulitarian and has certainly been much busier in the last couple of years. Perhaps it is a little less impressive than the days when ‘wrecks’ like the Lazy Days were propped up in the yard (Harani Boatyard).

But still plenty of opportunities for any artist.

Cormerant in Symi harbour

While having our usual coffee and reading a book at the harbour side at the Nireas Hotel in the morning, a cormorant appeared. Wonderful to watch it swimming back and forward while catching plenty of fish in the harbour.

Home with the catch

There is nothing more relaxing than to see the world go by from your balcony with an ice cold glass of white wine early evening before going out for a meal, especially after a warm, sunny day.

The view is never the same and always interesting with the going and returning of the locally fishing boats against the backdrop of a pink glow or pink-reddish clouds, that is, on the rare occasion when there are clouds in the sky.

In the absence of any wind, today was extremely warm for this time of the year, touching on the 30°. Tonight’s view was very special, with the return of the fishing boats across a particularly smooth and reflective sea was simply stunning.

Halki vistas

We stopped off at…

Halki sunsets

There’s nothing more relaxing than looking at the sunset while drinking an ice cold white wine.

Approaching Halki

A series showing our approach to Halki aboard the Dedakonisos Pride from Rhodes Town to Halki this morning.

First sight is the distinctive top of the ‘volcano’ appearing in the distance above Alimnia island.

On rounding Alimnia, the island’s distinctive features from the windmill, the town and the medieval castle perched high above come into view, before the island shows itself in it’s full glory.

On the final approach to the harbour, more and more of the town comes into view. on getting closer to the harbour.

Harani boatyard

The boatyard in Harani on Symi is…

Halki ruin

The old houses and ruins on the narrow back alleys with connecting stairways up the hillside in Chalki (Halki) are well worth exploring. With the colourful spring flowers in the alleys and little gardens, as well as the backdrop of the deep blue and cobalt waters in the harbour, it is a paradise for artists and photographers.

This Chalki ruin catches everyone’s eye and is probably the most painted and photographed ruin on the little island. Perhaps that’s why it is for sale for an astonishing 800,000€.

Old door, blue steps

Wandering around the back streets of Symi is one of my favourite pastimes.

Exploring the town behind the front and up the hill with it’s little alley ways, staircases, little paths, colourful and derelict houses, numerous ruins, churches, little gardens and pens with livestock simply never tire. Even if you think you’ve covered and seen a section, at the next visit, there is always something new that catches the eye. And after our fifth visit to the island, there are still large parts that we have yet to explore.

Lightning strikes

We woke up this morning to very dark skies over Turkey heading our way. It was not long before we started to hear the rumble of distant thunder. While having breakfast on the balcony the skies got darker and darker, and the wind started to pick up and swirling.

The world around us scrambled to bring in chairs and tables, and to move and secure the boats. The crew of a gullet panicked and cut the ropes to the quay when the swirling wind nearly became a whirlwind round their ship.

The lightning started to become more prevalent with the time lapse to the heavy rumble of thunder becoming shorter. But the eye of the thunder storm never reached us, as it bypassed Symi to the North.

And not long after, the clouds parted and we were drinking a coffee in the sun.

Harani sunset

There is nothing better than watching the sun set with a glass of red wine.